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Hi there!

This is me, Claudia - a percussionist, photographer, music theater maker, and music educator from Luxembourg, currently living in Amsterdam.

portrait of Claudia Hansen

A love for sounds, colors, and shapes – for the sum that is greater than its parts – for the layers hidden beneath the obvious – for unconventional solutions to puzzles of everyday life. These elements are at the core of my ever-growing list of job descriptions. Whatever serves the purpose best becomes the medium. Often, it means having to learn a new craft.


It all started with a fascination for the endless world of percussion. In the music world, I found like-minded people. I adored playing Bach on the marimba and timpani in the orchestra but soon I realized that I couldn’t stop imagining music in visual terms. From the day I performed Stuart S. Smith’s ‘Songs I-IX,’ I knew that Music Theater was my thing. I love the tension between seeing and hearing, I love to think conceptually and to convey ideas that make the audience reflect.


Having a strong visual sense of music, I also started to explore music through the lens. I love that photography provides a different angle to experience music. I am driven by the search for the key moment - the moment that captures the true personality of a musician, might it be while playing or in a portrait. I love to show the energy that drives musicians from a perspective that the bare eye doesn’t see.

Music Education

Ever since I thought that music education is immensely rewarding. I believe that music education adds an enormous lot to a child’s everyday life and education. Seeing that children grow up to be more accomplished adults with skills that they have learned in music lessons is a truly heartwarming experience.


Last but not least, I sometimes happen to write a book, a course, or short essays, and I got the opportunity to work as a radio correspondent. By sharing reflective writings, I hope to build a little collection of ideas and concepts that can bring about a tiny change in society.


And whenever I don’t do any of these things, I take care of plants and garden or I renovate and decorate places.

Claudia Hansen video Cat with old tv and a vhs tape cassette Claudia Hansen percussion Cat with a snare drum Claudia Hansen picture Cat sitting on a stool with a frame around its head Claudia Hansen academic Cat with graduate cap Claudia Hansen radio Cat with an old transistor radio and headphones listening to music