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A love for sounds, colors and shapes – for the sum that is greater than its parts – for the layers hidden beneath the obvious – for unconventional solutions to puzzles of everyday life.

These elements are at the core of my ever-growing list of job descriptions. I am a photographer, percussionist, music theater maker, music educator and radio speaker. Whatever serves the purpose best becomes the medium. Most of the times it means having to learn a new craft.

It all started with a fascination for the endless world of percussion. In the music world I found like-minded people. I adored playing Bach on the marimba and timpani in the orchestra but soon realized that I couldn’t stop imaging music in visual terms. From the day I performed Stuart S. Smith’s ‘Songs I-IX’, I knew that Music Theater was my thing. I love the tension between seeing and hearing. I love to think conceptually and convey ideas that make my audience reflect.

Having a strong visual sense of music, I started to explore music through the lens. As an autodidact photographer I can constantly search for my own path. I love that photography provides a different angle to experience music. I am driven by the search for the key moment – the moment that captures the true personality of a musician, might it be whilst playing or in a portrait. I love to show the energy that drives musicians in a perspective that the bare eye doesn’t see.

Growing a bit older I also started photographing weddings. Creating everlasting memories for families is a true blessing. The moments of blissful happiness and the personal colors in each wedding are what I am looking for. And on Etsy, I want to share my still life, landscape and nature photos. I hope that, because of Etsy, these photos will find a good home somewhere around the world.



International Percussion Competition Luxemb’g •• since 2009

Tromp Percussion Eindhoven •• since 2010

Zeltsman Marimba Festival •• 2009 | 2010 | 2016

Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy •• 2012 – 2017

Storioni Festival Eindhoven •• 2011

Jan Pustjens Focus Day Amsterdam •• 2016

Adams International Percussion Festival •• 2016


Adams Musical Instruments | Concorde | Conservatorium van Amsterdam | Muziekgebouw Eindhoven | Percussions de Strasbourg | Theater Artemis | Trio SR9 | Veenfabriek | a.o.


Bridge Records | Challenge Records | Naïve Records | Void Records | Slagwerkkrant | Klankwijzer | Klanglogo | Percussive Notes | Cover of the year Brochure of the Auditorium du Musée de Grenoble

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Kuopio Photo International 2018 – Honorable Mention

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Live and Let Die (2013)