Claudia Hansen

Catégorie Bleue

Music Theater

Director of Photography

Live Visuals



Dominique Vleeshouwers and percussionists playing on the Dam square in Amsterdam djembe player Dominique Vleeshouwers and percussion player Rob van der Sterre on stage for Kindsoldaat Dominique Vleeshouwers playing vibraphone with Kindsoldaat film decor designed by Claudia Hansen for Kindsoldaat by Dominique Vleeshouwers Dam Square of Amsterdam filled with army of child soldier puppets designed by Claudia Hansen army of child soldier puppets designed by Claudia Hansen on the Amsterdam Dam square


A musical confrontation

Kindsoldaat is a charity event initiated by Dominique Vleeshouwers. The musical performance tells the story of a child born in French-speaking Africa whose life takes a different course than expected. Senior students from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Film Academy joined forces in a combination of visual art, film, and music.

With this project, the collective wanted to contribute to the activities of War Child Netherlands, an organization that, among other things, is committed to a better future for ex-child soldiers. The aim was to make the Dutch public aware of the existence of child soldiers – a subject that is still relevant today. A flashmob on Amsterdam’s Dam Square marked the official launch of the project when 120 wooden child soldier puppets filled up the square. The project received the ‘AHK Eindwerkprijs’ of 2013.

Kindsoldaat is a production of Combined Creatives and was created in collaboration with War Child & Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK)

Concept Dominique Vleeshouwers – Percussion Dominique Vleeshouwers & Ensemble – Film Scenario & Direction Reber Dosky – Story Board Rebekka Bremmer – Narration Bram van der Vlugt – Painting Marcel van Hoef – Visual Design & Director Of Photography Claudia Hansen – Film Production Nanda van Aalst, Sarag Dierckx – Production Vincent van Kekerix



Bernard Haitinkzaal

@Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NL